People Management

Modules and Solutions

Career and
Performance and Skills Analysis
Goals and

Recruitment - Main Features:
• Job request and opening management;
• Candidates track;
• Talent pool management;
• Resume management;
• Mass actions; Search tools;
• Resume reader;
• Positions and rights search tools;
• One-click account applications or applicants;
• Excel +;

• Rich media content integration
• Automated or custom communication management;
• Automated publishing on all job panels, websites, etc.• Automated Resume analysis;
• Online evaluation test;
• Hello Talent link
• Multiple Front Office management;• Work map;

Engagement - Main Features:
• Accurate methodology based on decades of scientific research-Proven user experience to reduce research fatigue
• Custom insights to encourage leaders to take control
• Direct reply to comments preserving the anonymity of the employee
• Employee Security Privacy with instant alerts of harassment and discrimination
• Real time monitoring the culture and involvement improvement


• Mobile app for team leaders to reduce action on feedback timing
• SMS and Kiosk Searches
• Execution of several searches at different times at the same time
• Direct questions to different groups of employees
• More accurate targets with smart benchmarks
• Summary of employee comments on key topics
• Detailed insights into each phase of your employee's experience: from integration to output

Career and succession - Main Features:
• Career Plan Landing Page and Welcome Page
• Evaluation Library
• Role-based Assessment
• About Me
• Timeline
• Skills Profile
• Plan Panel, GPS and Career Screen
• Career Progression Map
• Gap Report

• Career Market - Employee/Function Families/Vacancies
• Career Development Plan
• Organization chart
• Profile Card
• Talent Grid
• Talent Group
• Talent Finder
• Development Goals
• Succession Reports

Goals and Bonus - Main Features:
• Strategic Maps
• Deployment of Goals
• Indicators and KPIs
• Analysis and treatment of deviations
• Project and portfolio management
• Monitoring of actions - GANTT and Kanban
• Area assessment

• Reports and views - Results Matrix
• Online and Offline
• Action plans;
• Follow-up Report (R3G);
• Goal Card;
• Employee Score;

• Bonus per Employee or Area.

Performance and skills analysis - Main Features:

• Performance Reviews

• Ratings 360

• Goal analysis

• Alignment and strategic monitoring of objectives / OKR

• Checkins and Project Reviews

• COMMUNICATING WITH EMPLOYEES - Publication of company updates, organizational strategic objectives and framework news

• Sharing and Rewarding Ideas and Innovation


• Pulse Searches

• Conducting Cultural Alignment

• Leadership Assessment and Succession Planning

• 9Box

• Feedback on time

• IOS and Android app

Main Features:

  • Automatic currency conversion

  • Workflow management

  • Real-time budget management salary reviews

  • Automatic assignments of eligible population

  • Define the types of compensation allowed

  • Consolidation of sub-budgets

  • Salary proposals by managers

  • Selection of available wage components

  • Predetermined rules by wage component

  • Adjusting the budget overview in real time


  • Downstream approval process

  • Full salary history on one page

  • Importing third-party systems (for example, SAP)

  • Multiprocessing of proposals

  • Multiple approval

  • Simple salary adjustments by group

  • Adjustments made directly on the grid

  • Workflows

  • Overview of salary rounds, budget, salary components and distribution

  • Exporting reports to Excel