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Case of success:

"Citibank is a trusted leader in financial services. Moxtra experience with Citi Hello showed that customers can interact with relationship managers in an immersive environment, from anywhere, while maintaining a continuous view of the health of their portfolio."

Main Features

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Main Features:


  • SECURE MESSAGES - text, voice and video messages from a secure message center

  • VIDEO MEETINGS - visual notes, screen sharing and the ability to record any conference for future review and reference.


  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE - easily and securely share documents, contracts and documentation that can be signed and returned digitally.


  • TASK MANAGEMENT - detailed monitoring of the project and progress towards a streamlined task management system


  • SCREEN SHARING - immersive and navigation screen sharing

  • TRANSACTIONS - customers and staff can process transactions under the highest security requirements

  • SOCIAL CONNECTORS - connect with WhatsApp, WeChat and others to your one-stop application, to manage the interactions that occur between your customers and your teams on these platforms.


  • CONTENT CHANNELS - several channels with relevant content


  • ONE CLICK CUSTOMERS - service, sales and support with your customers in just one click.


  • SOPHISTICATED MANAGEMENT - integration of external registration systems, including document management systems, CRMs and transaction management systems.


  • DASHBOARDS - reports and data to check the progress of the relationship with your customers and employees.

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