Content Production


Customized content:

Kolabori contents are made with a pedagogical method that guarantees creativity, pedagogical accurancy and a global technological solution combined with modern graphic and instructional Design totally compatible with your budget.


1. Content with Avatar and audio

Real-world elements are "virtualized" to provide the feeling of being in a classroom with an expert on the subject. Recommended for student engagement.  The main objective of this format is to motivate and activate the cognitive and the emotional aspects of the student.

2. Corporate Content

Recommended for corporate presentations.
Characterized by objectivity and clarity.

3. System tutorials

Recommended for learning systems operation.

This learning, through a simulation, facilitates the student's environment when using the system in a real situation.

4. Sequence of evaluations

Submitting your employees with periodic questionnaires containing true or false, multiple choice, connect the dots, drag and drop, among others.

5. Knowledge Pills

One of the most current modalities on the market.

In addition to being multiplatform, this “Video Training” offers several possibilities.

6. Fast teaching units

Recommended for training / tutorials in PDF format.

It allows to quickly develop teaching units containing tutorials / training for download / Questionnaires.

This feature guarantees the best cost benefit for tutorials with a short life cycle.

7. Video lesson

A fast video format with great effectiveness.

Excellent for disseminating quick classes and specific messages about products, trends, news and campaigns.

Main Contents:

  • Quality, Environment and Safety

    • 5S

    • Normatives (NR's)

    • Sustainable Attitudes

    • Environmental Management

    • Quality Management (PDCA)

  • Management and Leadership

    • Lidership

    • Effective communication

    • Feedback

    • Team work